Why is it called London Percent?

Because there are one hundred things, and percent means "of one hundred".

Also I realised 100% and London percent sound really similar. When you 100% a game you’ve collected everything the game has deemed of value. This is how you can 100% London (it totally isn’t, but that was crying out for a neat conclusion.)

How'd you pick them?

They're the places, spaces, flavours, and experiences that matter the most to me when I think about why I live in London. This isn't a best of list, and the ordering of the list... well wait.

How is it ordered?

Glad you asked! It's ordered using the same logic Bill Simmons uses for his NBA trade value column. Basically, if some alien power was removing all my favourite things from London, I'd want them to do so in the reverse order of this list. Or put another way, I wouldn't trade number 1 on this list for all 99 other items combined. That might sound crazy but that's how the list is ranked.

So you're saying the ramen at Koi is better than the ramen at Kanada-Ya? Because I've heard you say the ramen at Kanada-Ya is the best you've ever had.

No. Or rather, yes, in the specific context of this list. In the specific context of this list the ramen from Koi is better than Kanada-Ya, and eating a donut from Bread Ahead is better than the entire National Gallery. Again, this is based on my experiences, and what makes me happiest about living in London.