Iberico katsu sandwich by TaTa Eatery

How good is the Iberico katsu sandwich by TaTa Eatery?

It's so good you can't even currently get it and it's number 2 on this list. It's so good it's better than any art gallery or museum in London not named Tate. It's so good a bunch of people on television, actual television presenters who are paid to present things on television, giggled and fawned over it like it was a particularly cute and talented child. It's good. It's outrageously good.

The key is the balance. The softness of the bread. The crispness of the batter. The sheer fatty decadence of the pork. Oh god I'm salivating and there's (currently) still no way to get one (right now).

The best way to find out when you can get one is to follow TaTa Eatery on Instagram.