Breakfast at Esters

"I find that this cafe does the best brunch in London, the food is exceptional as are the coffees and the customer service has always been excellent."

The above quote was part of a two-star review on Google. The best brunch in London, food that is exceptional, two stars. I quote this for two reasons. One, to demonstrate how batshit crazy some people are when they leave reviews. And two, this person is absolutely correct. Esters has the best brunch in London.

More specifically, Esters has the best breakfasts you can eat throughout the day on the weekend, and they do a pretty mean lunch during the week after their breakfast menu ends. Esters just cares more about what you're eating. Every dish is an actual dish, and not just a selection of breakfast items stacked dry on a plate. There's consideration to the amounts, which some people decry as stingy. There's the quality of the cooking, which means your poached eggs have shape AND soft yokes.

And tying it all together is one or more glorious sauces. Oh, the sauces. Perfectly balanced, unifying each item on the plate. God I'm hungry.

55 Kynaston Road N16 0EB